The Backstop


Since 1998 the Backstop has been offering relief and relaxation through massage. As always, massage is just $6 per 5 minutes and walk-ins are welcome. Open every day with two locations on the second level of Thornes Marketplace in Northampton MA, it’s never been easier to stop in, sit down and relax. If you would like to schedule your massage, you are welcome to book below or stop in and use the scheduling tablet available at the Backstop. Come enjoy a seated massage today! Gift certificates also available upon request.





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Located on the second level of Thornes Marketplace, the easiest way to navigate to one of our two Backstop locations is to park in the E. J. Parking Garage located at 85 Hampton Ave, Northampton, MA 01060. From here, there is a sky-walk tunnel connecting directly to Thornes Marketplace. Once inside Thornes, you will see a staircase to the left. Take the stairs to the second level where you will find both Backstop locations.

The Backstop Seated Massage located on the second level of Thornes Marketplace in Northampton, MA. Northampton Massage. Offering seated massage, Myofascial Release massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, trigger point massage, relaxation massage. Feel rejuvenated today! Stop in, sit down and relax.