The Backstop


A place to unwind.

The Backstop is a collective of talented massage therapists who offer seated massage daily from a comfortable and welcoming studio based in the heart of Thornes Marketplace on the second level. With a rotating team of skillful, licensed therapists, clients are guaranteed to find one or several who can cater to their specific needs.  Each therapist specializes in their own unique set of techniques, collectively offering a great variety of massage. Deep tissue, trigger point therapy, guided stretching, Swedish, compression, shiatsu and reflexology are just some of the massage varieties available at the Backstop. These talented therapists have been offering deep relaxation, pain management and stress relief since 1998. Most of these professional therapists additionally offer traditional table massage individually through their own practices including owner of The Backstop, Michael Grosso LMT. For those interested in having a seated massage they are welcome to book below or stop in and use the scheduling tablet available at the Backstop. Massage is always just $6/per 5 minutes and though tips are never expected they are always appreciated. Come visit one of our talented therapists and feel The Backstop difference today. Gift certificates are also available.